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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

From 2018 onward, my life has been a whirlwind of transformation, both on personal and artistic fronts. My journey has taken me through various relocations, ultimately leading me to my current abode in the vibrant heart of Dallas, Texas. Nestled within this dynamic cityscape, I've found a haven for my creativity - a loft studio in the captivating Deep Ellum district. This area pulsates with the energy of its famed bars, eclectic eateries, and music sanctuaries, fostering a haven for both artistic expression and visionary minds.

Throughout this period of introspection, I've delved into uncharted territories of subject matter and artistic styles. It's akin to a much-needed season of creative maturation - a process that has involved a profound exploration of my own consciousness through the medium of art. This journey has invited me to plumb the depths of my artistic technique, pushing the boundaries of mastery to create works that resonate on a profound level.

My current focus revolves around the meticulous crafting of a new collection titled "Animal Wisdom." This collection seeks to illuminate the animal kingdom through the lens of Native American Totems, infused with symbolic resonance and spiritual messages. Within its scope, both wild and domestic creatures come to life, portrayed in full form or exquisite headshots that draw attention to their visage and soul-penetrating eyes.

Reflecting on the past, my art gallery named "The Parlor," nestled in Prescott, Arizona, was a flourishing venture that thrived with the vibrant energy of art enthusiasts. Countless pieces found appreciative homes until the unforeseen arrival of the pandemic brought about a shift in the narrative. As circumstances evolved, I made the poignant decision to close the doors of my gallery, cherishing the heartfelt connections forged with collectors who championed my work. Now, fully immersed in my studio sanctuary, I'm dedicating my time to curating an impressive inventory, laying the foundation for what lies ahead.

With a hopeful outlook, I'm envisioning a future where my artistic legacy continues to flourish. As the days turn into months, I'm working towards the creation of an extensive portfolio - a rich tapestry of creativity that's destined for a gallery solo show. Beyond that, the dream of establishing a new artistic haven of my own is one that I'm nurturing with passionate dedication.

Marking a significant juncture in my artistic journey, this June will witness my journey to New York to receive the prestigious accolade of being named one of the "Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art" by ArtTour International Magazine. This honor encapsulates the culmination of my dedication, validating the path I've tread and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.


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