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3D Paper Sculpted Canvas Paintings

Michelle Larsen, a visionary mixed media artist, harnessing the captivating power of paper to sculpt intricate masterpieces upon canvas. Her innovative technique involves the meticulous application of oil paint to the paper sculpture, resulting in awe-inspiring three-dimensional paintings that boldly protrude out four inches from the canvas surface. Recognized for her distinctive artistic style, Michelle has garnered prestigious awards and showcased her exceptional creations in esteemed locales such as New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas, and even in the artistic haven of France.





Michelle's creative philosophy revolves around the profound art of observation and engagement. With an artistic vision that transcends conventional boundaries, she breathes life into her subjects by infusing them with a tactile and vivid three-dimensional texture, complemented by a palette of striking and daring colors. This transformative approach not only challenges artistic norms but also beckons viewers into an immersive experience that blurs the line between painting and sculpture. Her masterful fusion of shape, movement, and intricately manipulated paper evokes a question: Is it a sculpture, or is it a painting? The resounding answer is that it is an ingenious amalgamation of both realms. Driven by an unquenchable desire for depth and complexity, Michelle's work redefines the very essence of artistry.

Unveiling the core of her artistic spirit, Michelle reveals, "The vitality that courses through me finds its outlet in my creations. Each stroke of paint is an extension of my emotions, an intimate expression of my inner world. I transcend the confines of this dimension, gravitating towards an animated representation of my subjects. My focus echoes the rhythm of life itself, capturing the essence of movement and the unwavering strength that propels me forward. And in this dance of creation, my aspiration is that it resonates profoundly with those who engage with it."

The intricate process begins with meticulously layering, shaping, and adhering tissue paper onto the canvas, yielding a breathtakingly tangible three-dimensional tableau. As time allows the composition to solidify, a burst of vibrant hues is skillfully applied, imbuing the artwork with an extra layer of theatricality. The resulting piece pulsates with an energy and dynamism akin to a living heartbeat—a visual symphony of motion frozen in time. Michelle's subject matter delves into the realm of earthbound existence: nature's inhabitants, the symbiosis of life with the land, the allure of mountain living, and the indomitable human spirit navigating its journey. Through her art, she reawakens a sense of reverence for a simpler, unpretentious way of life—an artistry that echoes with the essence of awakening.

In the world of art, Michelle Larsen stands as a pioneer, sculpting stories with paper and paint, inviting us to rethink the boundaries of creativity. Her art is not just a visual feast, but a transformative encounter that challenges our perception, ignites our senses, and leaves an indelible mark on our artistic journey.

Michelle Larsen

What People Are Saying about Michelle's Art


"Michelle's art made me tear-up because of the emotion and the pure amazement of her talent."
Birdie  Hathaway, 2020

"Innovative and passionate, Michelle Larsen uses paper to create sculpted 3D canvases. A technique she invented herself. Brimming with enthusiasm, her work exhibits the fluidity of her thoughts and practices in using her breath as a guide for her creative direction quite literally."     
ArtTour International Magazine, 2019

"Beautiful and unique paintings, each of which conveys great depth of emotion. Amazing technique and skill in creating a detailed relief sculpture on the canvas, which comes alive when painted. Nice variety of subject matter as well."     
A. Pasko, 2019

"Beautiful and unique. I want one of Michelle's paintings in my home someday."     
M. Daniele, 2019

"So creative and unique! Michelle's story is inspiring."     
James & Sara, 2019

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