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3D Paper Sculpted Canvas Paintings

Michelle Larsen is a mixed media artist using paper to create a sculpture on canvas. Oil paint is applied to the sculpture creating a three dimensional painting that protrudes from the canvas up to four inches. Michelle's exclusive style of painting has won awards and she has exhibited in New York, Miami, Las Vegas , Dallas and France.

"Looking at the obvious, close observation and engagement of the subject, and then amplifying it with three-dimensional texture and bold color. I push beyond the norm to create an innovation in which the viewer becomes engaged with the painting on various levels; a painting, a sculpture and countless paper wrinkles creating complexity and detail. Transforming shape and movement into a protruding canvas.  Is it a sculpture or is it a painting? I proclaim it is both. I was never satisfied with the simplicity of a one-dimensional painting, so I considered another element to a fundamental concept."

"The energy that pulsates from within myself has nowhere to go but outwardly. My paintings are an expression of all that is emotion and all that is within.  I see beyond this dimension and am naturally drawn to an animated representation of my subject. My focus follows the breath and fortitude of what moves me and my hope is that it will move the viewer also."

"Tissue paper is formed, compressed and glued to the canvas to create a three-dimensional work of art. After drying time has occurred, bold color is applied giving the art even more theatrics. The energy and movement of the piece vibrates as if having a pulse. My subject matter consists of land dwellers, nature, living off the land, mountain living, and the human struggle. Awakening an uncomplicated lifestyle."        

Michelle Larsen

Michelle Larsen Art.jpeg

What People Are Saying about Michelle's Art


"Michelle's art made me tear-up because of the emotion and the pure amazement of her talent."
Birdie  Hathaway, 2020

"Innovative and passionate, Michelle Larsen uses paper to create sculpted 3D canvases. A technique she invented herself. Brimming with enthusiasm, her work exhibits the fluidity of her thoughts and practices in using her breath as a guide for her creative direction quite literally."     
ArtTour International Magazine, 2019

"Beautiful and unique paintings, each of which conveys great depth of emotion. Amazing technique and skill in creating a detailed relief sculpture on the canvas, which comes alive when painted. Nice variety of subject matter as well."     
A. Pasko, 2019

"Beautiful and unique. I want one of Michelle's paintings in my home someday."     
M. Daniele, 2019

"So creative and unique! Michelle's story is inspiring."     
James & Sara, 2019

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